Abbas Sardar (Red Team) | 2016 – 2017

I am Half Iraqi, half Pakistani. I’ve lived in Windsor since I was 4 years old (that doesn’t automatically make me posh – but I do appreciate a good afternoon tea); it’s definitely the best place in the world (Windsor Castle and Legoland – what more could you want!) I have a degree in Anatomy, developmental and human biology from King’s.

This is my 7th year at King’s – you could say I’m pretty much part of the furniture (All my friends consider to me a grandpa already: I already can’t wait to retire so I can sit in front of the fire place with a crossword and a nice cup of early grey tea). I unexpectedly fell in love with psychiatry during my psychiatry rotation at KCH and the Maudsley last year – Extreme Psychiatry played a huge part in making sure I got the most out of the rotation. I now want to help other students realise their full potential in psychiatry as a peer facilitator.

I spent my summer at the institute of psychiatry working on a summer research fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry. Being PF will allow me to continue to immerse myself in the field of psychiatry.

When not studying medicine, stationary is my other passion, and my dream would be to open up my own stationary shop. I’m super excited to be on the extreme psychiatry team as a PF, and what makes it even more special is that I will be peer facilitating team red with Juanita, a very dear friend of mine!