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Improving communication skills and confidence in psychiatry


LogoIf you’d like to apply for a place on the Extreme Psychiatry course, read on…

The Spring Extreme Psych term starts on Tuesday 16th January! The link is below, and the deadline for completion is 5pm on Friday 12th January. 

To be eligible for Extreme Psych, you need to be a third year medical student at King’s College London and about to start your NOP (Neurology, Ophthalmology, Psychiatry) rotation.

Term dates for 2018 are:

  • Spring: 16th January – 6th March
  • Summer: 3rd April – 22nd May 

We love having a varied range of abilities and needs on the course. We prioritise students who are clearly struggling with psychiatry / communication skills, so pay special attention to any applications accompanied by objective evidence of struggling with clinical exams or communication skills (e.g. previous failed ICE / OSCE exams / concerns by Clinical Tutor or previous Firm Heads). Please send any evidence directly to extremepsychiatry@gmail.com straight after filling in your application form.

If you’ve no objective evidence, that’s ok – just tell us why you’d benefit from being on Extreme Psych. If you’re simply in love with psychiatry, please say so – we have room for honest enthusiasts too!

Please only apply if you’ve read and can stick to our rules. They’re quite basic, but really important.

Here’s the application form. (There are quite a few questions – both to evaluate your reasons for applying, and to help us evaluate the course). The deadline for sending in your application is 5pm on Friday 12th January – any late applications will be placed on the waiting list. We’ll let you know if you have a place before the end of Sunday 14th, and you need to accept your place by midday on Monday 15th (otherwise, we’ll allocate your place to a waiting list student). 

If you’re given a waiting list place, it helps us to have your mobile number, so we can contact you quickly, should a place come up. We won’t pass your number to nasty call centres who want to contact you about an accident you didn’t know you had).