Dr Camilo Zapata | 2009 – 2010

Camilo cut his canines as an SHO in Oxford. He spent 6 months in Broadmoor and did so well they sent him back to Oxford for another 6 months of psychotherapy. Though no longer on the team, he remains an avid supporter of Extreme Psychiatry, and continues to live the Extreme Dream through his work […]

Dr Lucy Wilford | 2012 – 2014

After spending her formative years on the south coast, Lucy made the bold move “up north” to South London in order to start her psychiatry training at the Maudsley. She spent a year acclimatising at King’s College where she completed a Master’s in Medicine in Literature, a pastime which allowed her to split her time […]

Dr Michael Utterson | 2014 – 2016

Michael was once an Extreme Psychiatry student, then became a Peer Facilitator, and finally an Extreme Psychiatrist – he sometimes demonstrates this through interpretive dance, whilst cradling a lion cub in his arms and singing The Circle of Life from atop a rock. It is beautiful to behold. He was the behind-the-scenes genius who ran […]

Dr Sachin Shah | 2015-2016

Sachin keeps a low profile, and refused to write a bio for this website, which means I can write whatever I wish. He has a number of super-powers: Can eat a whole tube of Pringles in 5.3 seconds Breakdancing through fires to rescue puppies Playing Chopsticks with chopsticks Semi-professional Johnny Depp impersonator Porridge modelling I’ve […]

Dr Ian Rodrigues | 2006 – 2007

Ian has the honour of being amongst the very first small and select group of medical students taken under Strings’ wing when she stumbled across them, a little ‘lost’, during their psychiatry rotation in Lewisham. This was back in 2004, when the group had lunchtime and evening teaching sessions on psychiatry and communication skills: it […]

Dr Isabel McMullen | 2009 – 2011

Born and brought up in the wilds of west London, Isabel studied medicine in Manchester, where she developed a fondness for good music and Northerners. After seven years away, which included an overly long period as an Accident & Emergency doctor (what was she thinking?), the lure of the capital became too strong and she […]

Dr David McLaughlan | 2011 – 2013

After 24 happy years in Scotland, David finally tore himself away from the heather speckled hills and moved to London. With a BMSc in Neuroscience in one hand and a medical degree in the other, David began his first job at Chelsea Westminster Hospital, cementing a passion for both psychiatry and teaching. Although technically working […]

Dr Sam Lim | 2010 – 2011

As a graduate of King’s, Sam went on to do his house jobs there and subsequent psychiatry training in the Maudsley. He has never quite managed to stray too far away from Denmark Hill, despite complaining constantly about this. Once every 3 years, the fates get sick of his grumbling and conspire to send him […]

Dr Adam Kasparek | 2013 – 2015

Adam was a Thespian growing up where many actors would love to be – lovely California. For some reason he gave up this beautiful life style to travel the World. Instead of his previous ambitions of theatre or bus driver, Adam decided to practice medicine in Oxford before becoming a psychiatrist at the Maudsley Hospital […]

Dr Nuala Kane | 2016 – 2017

Nuala hails from the Wild West of Ireland. She has lived in London since 2014, but still sometimes mistakes tall buildings in the distance for rolling hills, when seen from the corner of her eye (name the illusion?). She has always loved psychiatry although made a foray into the world of philosophy for a year, […]

Dr Stania Kamara | 2012 – 2014

Voted most likely to ‘start a revolution’ at medical school……. so of course she became an Extreme Psychiatrist! Having spent the last two years sunbathing on Kent beaches with occasional jaunts into hospital she is now living the psychiatry trainee dream in South London. Stania enjoys eating food and therefore cooking. Her favourite ingredients are […]

Dr Muj Husain | 2008 – 2012

Muj started his career as a doctor by the sea in Bournemouth. He moved to London to become a psychiatrist and has recently returned from a stint at the GMC to complete his training. He also currently chairs the Psychiatric Trainees’ Committee of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. On his days off, Muj listens to […]

Dr Nick Hipkins | 2010 – 2012

Constantly informed he was born in a barn but with the hospital records to prove otherwise, he had a peaceful upbringing in middle England. After promising modeling and sporting careers were brought to an early end by reality Nick embarked on a meandering passage through Leeds, Oxford and London before entering medical training in Liverpool. […]

Dr Hugh Grant-Peterkin | 2009 – 2011

Hugh dabbled in street art, professional pet-washing (poodle-perming a speciality) and moustache modeling before settling on a career in medicine. After undergraduate days in Bristol (leaving him with an aversion to cider and the word ‘gert’) and an intercalated degree at King’s (Ethics & Law – nothing funny about that) he came to London to […]

Dr Megan Fisher | 2014 – 2015

Megan is a London girl through and through and despite being very brave and venturing north of the river for university, she soon returned back to her true home- south east of the river for her training in psychiatry. Before starting medicine, she was torn between becoming an actress or a doctor… she found that […]

Dr Matt Fernando | 2011 – 2014

Having originally trained in London, Matt spent two years in Devon learning how not to be a psychiatrist. Returning to ‘the big smoke’ to train in psychiatry, he is now specialising in child and adolescent mental health. When not talking to patients, Matt can sometimes be found talking to birds. This is completely true, and […]

Dr Joy Erhuero | 2013 – 2014

Joy was raised in the leafy village of Waterloo, central London. She branched out, crossing the river to attend University College London medical school. From there she was bitten by the psychiatry bug: after gaining a CT1 psychiatry post in South London and the Maudsley she want on to spread her love of both psychiatry […]

Dr Emues Emanuwa | 2016 – 2017

She was born, raised and trained in South London. After venturing to The Midlands for Foundation Training she has returned to South London for psychiatry training. If she wasn’t a psychiatrist she would love to be a scuba diving instructor. Favourite things include skiing, scuba diving and krispy kremes. So much so that she had […]

Dr Anna Burnside | 2010 – 2012

Anna trained in Aberdeen, starting her SHO career in psychiatry in Elgin, a city renowned for its sheep and 24 hour Tesco. She then gave up any pretence of being a hardy Northerner, and moved to the Maudsley, lured by the promise of opera, late-opening bookshops, and not having to walk hunched over by the […]

Dr Ben Baig | 2012 – 2013

Having studied and trained in Edinburgh with some extremely nice psychiatrists, Ben moved down to London to train as a child psychiatrist. He is presently dazzled by the bright lights but is learning to not make eye contact on public transport and forget about the world beyond the M25. With a love of extreme sports […]

Dr Shivani Patel | 2017 – 2018

Born and raised in North London, Shivani studied Medicine at Oxford where she failed to learn how to punt. She did however learn that Psychiatry is brilliant and after her foundation training moved to the FABULOUS south to start her training at SLaM. In her spare time she particularly enjoys watching the Great British Bakeoff […]

Dr Millie Lapraik | 2017 – 2018

Millie was brought up in a sleepy city with a grand total of 1 nightclub on the south coast so rebelled to the hustle and bustle of London for University and training. She’s now a proud Peckham resident and psychiatry enthusiast. Main loves are travelling the world in the pursuit of delicious (and sometimes challenging) […]

Dr Roxanne Keynejad | 2014 – 2018

Roxanne’s spirit animal is a swan, according to one highly evidence-based pre-hen party assessment: http://www.jerismithready.com/quiz, apparently associated with the power of foretelling the future through dreams. She always thought psychiatry was the bee’s knees, which she channeled via an art foundation course at Chelsea College and degree in philosophy and psychology at Oxford, before succumbing […]

Dr Sophie Butler | 2015 – 2018

‘It’s never Dull in Hull’ however Sophie left her Northern home town to go to Uni and do her Foundation Years in East Anglia. Yearning for more adventure she then left for Australia, originally for a year but typically ended up staying for two. She returned to the bright lights of London to train in […]

Dr Frankie Anderson | 2016 – 2018

Frankie qualified from Nottingham in 2009, and spent the first two years there before moving sideways to Sheffield for Core Medical Training. After taking a convoluted route through London to Oxford and back again, she found her fame and fortune in the dizzy heights of the hospitals of South East London as a psychiatry trainee. […]

Dr Sarah Stringer (‘Strings’) | 2004 – 2018

Diagnosed as a One-Woman Mixed-Ability Class, Strings can’t cook, knit, do maths or accents. She can recite her alphabet backwards, eat large quantities of cheese, and has mastered the art of dancing like her dad. She accidentally invented Extreme Psych as an SHO, and is responsible for two books with terrible acronym titles: Psychiatry PRN: […]