Chloe Saunders | 2013 – 2014

Chloe is currently repaying a debt of gratitude to her own experience as a Student of Extreme Psych (Winter 2013). At that time making the daily trek to Lewisham’s Ladywell Unit, through discoloured South London snow sludge and limitless train delays at London Bridge, Extreme Psych was the bright comforting star lighting up her Psych Rotation. Chloe was even quoted as saying ‘I like Tuesdays.’ (True Story)

Chloe enjoys daydreaming (and night-dreaming), but other than this her Hobbies and Interests change regularly. A process Chloe calls ‘Development’, and her friends call ‘being capricious’.

Chloe is in awe of creative/flamboyant people, so will often be found vexing the Extreme Psych actors. Besides them she quite likes balsamic vinegar and violin concertos.