Dr Anna Burnside | 2010 – 2012

Anna trained in Aberdeen, starting her SHO career in psychiatry in Elgin, a city renowned for its sheep and 24 hour Tesco. She then gave up any pretence of being a hardy Northerner, and moved to the Maudsley, lured by the promise of opera, late-opening bookshops, and not having to walk hunched over by the wind all the time.

Since here, she has terrified many a consultant into convulsions merely by judicious use of her Glasgwegian accent, but don’t worry, she’s really not that scary.

She loves teaching and simply cannot understand why everyone doesn’t want to be a psychiatrist. She left Extreme Psych in 2012 to become an Extreme Consultant. When not healing the sick, she speaks Spanish to strangers on the bus, and thinks about what she would cook if she was on Come Dine With Me.