Dr Elf Elmahdi | 2010 – 2011

Yes, The Elf worked for EP.

During the summer months, our elfin friends are a little at a loss, up North. No toys to make. No sleigh-bells to shine. No reindeer to feed. Everything is in a shoebox in the cupboard under the stairs. Or at Butlins. During his down-time, Elf trekked over for PF interviews, and gained a place on the team.

Santa missed him in 2010, but recognised that Lapland’s loss was London’s gain. Elf enjoyed it all so much, he faked his own death in Lapland and has now joined EP as an Actor for 2011-12.

Special skills: whistling a merry tune, Group 1 metal chemistry experiments and “Chopsticks” (played on giant keyboards).