Dr Hugh Grant-Peterkin | 2009 – 2011

Hugh dabbled in street art, professional pet-washing (poodle-perming a speciality) and moustache modeling before settling on a career in medicine. After undergraduate days in Bristol (leaving him with an aversion to cider and the word ‘gert’) and an intercalated degree at King’s (Ethics & Law – nothing funny about that) he came to London to work at SLaM. After the disappointment of finding out it wasn’t a performance poetry night he took to his Psychiatry career with enthusiasm. Having just gained his MRCPsych, he is taking a year out of medicine to study drama.

He is passionate about teaching, feels it is deeply important and finds it rewarding; in fact his love of teaching is nearly equal to his love of writing about himself in the third person and just surpasses his love of boat trips and brightly coloured jumpers.