Dr Liz Charles-Edwards | 2009 – 2010

“I was a scientist before becoming a medical student and whilst I found this a useful background for physiology and pharmacy, psychiatry was a very different challenge and within a few weeks of my 3rd year rotation I was all at sea. The science of psychiatry lies in exploring and defining specific aspects of a person’s mental health problem. Achieving this coherently whilst maintaining a conversation in an approachable and open manner is a real art. It’s extremely difficult to do in ‘real-life’ and practically impossible within the time constraints of the OSCE. Unless you get involved with Extreme Psyche that is.”

Liz took a year out to sprog in 2011. When she’s conquered motherhood, she’ll return to whip medicine back into shape. For now, she is a delicious yummy mummy, and can make her way from Chelsea to Islington via babyccinos.