Dr Sam Lim | 2010 – 2011

As a graduate of King’s, Sam went on to do his house jobs there and subsequent psychiatry training in the Maudsley. He has never quite managed to stray too far away from Denmark Hill, despite complaining constantly about this. Once every 3 years, the fates get sick of his grumbling and conspire to send him somewhere else, just to teach him a lesson. He did manage an intercalated Psychology BSc at UCL and 3 years later, 12months working in Gillingham. Well that was 3 years ago, and having spent time as an ST4 in Old Age Psychiatry in Brighton, he has now jetted off to Australia. We expect he’ll soon be back, claiming that he wants to be somewhere else. One constant is his passion for psychiatry, which he shared on the Ex Psych course 2010-2011.

Most of his spare time is spent planning how to escape from wherever he happens to be working at the time. He passes the rest of it throwing pots and watching Law & Order.