Josie Bloom

I trained as an actor at ALRA in South London and since then have done a variety of stage, film and TV.

I am a very experienced roleplayer and improviser, and have done quite a lot of medical roleplay, during various training courses for medical students and junior doctors, playing patients and giving feedback. I also regularly play various ‘simulated patients’ during exams for Royal Colleges of GPs, Surgeons, Anaesthetists, Ophthalmologists, Dentists, National School of Healthcare Sciences, the list goes on! I also do corporate roleplay during communication skills training courses such as ‘breaking bad news’, difficult conversations’, ‘dealing with challenging customers’ etc for various other organisations, working with lawyers, psychologists, administration, salespeople, carers and other professionals.

Perhaps most useful for Extreme Psych, over the years I have worked with and known many people who are living with mental health issues; before I trained as an actor, when I worked with homeless people and ex-offenders, and since then during my capacity as an actor/trainer and mentor, working with people living with mental health issues and/or substance misuse.

I am delighted to be a member of the Extreme Psychiatry team; human behaviour and psychology has always fascinated me, in that everyone has a story to tell, and I am passionate about removing the stigma of mental health and seeing the person behind the diagnosis.

On a lighter note, I am an avid writer, am dotty about dogs and used to have a pink cat called Humphrey!