Juanita Ravindran (Red Team) | 2016 – 2017

When i’m not laughing (rare) I’m smiling and when I’m not smiling (rarer still) I’m thinking about cake…. especially Nando’s Choc-a-lot cake. It’s what Nandos does best (the chicken is good too I guess). I LOVE animals and yes- I’m that person that will move seats just to sit nearer to the dog on the tube, whilst others are squished into the corner furthest away… I wish I was Dr Dolittle. I love the outdoors and autumn! Oh and I love trees. Sounds weird, but I know if you thought about them for a second longer you’d see what I mean. When I‘m not studying medicine you will find me curled up and cosy with an Agatha Christie book (HUGE FAN!!) and a big mug of hazelnut hot chocolate! I have a degree in Biomedical Sciences from KCL, so this is my 7th year here at King’s…. I guess I’m also part of the furniture- I’m the bookshelf next to the grandfather clock (Abbas). I thoroughly enjoyed psychiatry in year 3 because of its truly holistic approach and because it gives you the opportunity to simply listen to your patient and their story- one of the main reasons why I would like to be a doctor. The wonderful extreme psych family helped me build my confidence and I’m so happy to be returning as a peer facilitator to help other students in the same areas I struggled with. I’m super excited to add extreme psych Tuesday evenings to my calendar once again and I’m looking forward to peer facilitating with one of my closest friends Abbas- WOOOO GO TEAM RED!!!