Mischa Resnick

Mischa is an Australian actor who relocated to London after several years of trying to coax people off the beaches of sunny Perth and into the theatres with more or less no results. Since his relocation to this more-theatre (and-less-beach) friendly city, he has been working with Flying Dutchman Theatre Company and collaborating with other performers around London.

He has a degree with Honours in Performance Studies and has been studying and working as an actor since he began at John Curtin College of the Arts in 2000. He worked as a Role Player for the Western Australian Police Force and Department of Corrective services as well as various other private and government run institutions between April 2009 and March 2010. His formative years were spent in a household with two Psychotherapist parents and as a result he is interested in the way mental illness is represented in the performing arts and how it can be used to address mental health issues.

Outside of Extreme Psychiatry, Mischa works as events crew for the Battersea Arts Centre and poses for Life Drawing Classes