Natalie Pereech

Natalie can attest to surviving the Bermuda Triangle (does it even exist?) as she joins us from the luscious shores of the island itself (though she is quick to point out that a triangle has three points and Miami and Puerto Rico should hold two thirds of the responsibility!). She trained at the William Davis Centre for Actors Study at VanArts in Vancouver, British Columbia, and has missed biting into a good character role, and is rather chuffed (she likes this Brit word!) to do so with Ex Psych, while helping students become the best doctors they can.

Natalie’s most memorable moment of living in the UK so far (besides hanging wet laundry outside in January and having it freeze on her!) would be drumming in the Industrial Revolution of the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremonies to 80,000 people and donning one of the infamous blue bowler lightbulb hats for the Closing Ceremonies.