Nina Tanna (Blue Team) | 2016 – 2017

Hello! I’m Nina and I’m extremely psyched (lol) to get started with the blue team! Most people describe me as tiny (luckily ‘Teeny Tanna’ never caught on), which i’ve learnt to accept, and don’t care about at all. Nope. Tall people are silly anyway. I love Beyonce (Queen Bey for president!), food (always the way to my heart) and some good ol’ Netflix and chill (has anyone else been watching Jane the virgin?!) My petronus would have to be a pug and i’ve been told several times I sound like them when I laugh… not sure if it’s a compliment or not. Anywayyy, I’m really passionate about making sure you feel confident in both your skills and knowledge for dealing with patients in OSCE’s and real life! I hope you enjoy extreme psych as much as I did and any questions, please don’t be afraid to come and have a chat!