Sagana Thayaparan | 2017 – 2018

Hi hello! I am spending this year intercalating in Psychology (cos psych is life) and taking a much-needed break from medicine. I spend most of my life drifting in and out of some daydream, making being a medical student very difficult! I am somehow at the same time a complete cynic and absolute romantic. I was born in Paris and my favourite pastime is finding cutesy coffee shops and writing whilst curled up in the corner or reading a new book. I have an innate need to debate politics and social justice with literally anyone who will talk to me; the anger just spills out and I have no control over it, I am sorry if you end up being victim to my rants. I am most definitely a night owl and find it difficult to concentrate before 6pm (I don’t know how I’ve managed medical school this far, either). Extreme Psych was one of my absolute favourite things about third year and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!