Simon Gibbons

A crazy and larger than life character at times. Simon volunteers to help out the students at Kings College, through using role play to play characters as a patient. Simon trained as an actor at The Actor Works drama school in Wapping. He described it as the Big Brother house, but you could walk out at the end of every night! But in a good way!

He has done a lot of theatre and film work over the years playing some exciting roles. Simon also co-runs a theatre company called Silly Train theatre with 2 of his friends. Simon’s amazing food dish that he likes to wow people with, is he can make some amazing scrabbled egg. Interesting fact! Simon is a massive Arsenal fan, and is forever loyal to the red half and holly grail of North London. Wacky fact! Simon used to be able to juggle around water in his belly when he had drunk lots of water. Simply by wiggling his belly around the noise of water could be heard.