Extreme Psych challenges medical students to take a psychiatric history anywhere – no matter where their careers take them.
The Extreme Psych team believe that mental health is everyone’s business, and all doctors should be confident and competent to work with the mind, no matter what they do to the body. The more remote and hostile the territory, the better: orthopaedic wards, birthing pools and cardiac catheter labs are all fair game…

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Extreme Psychiatry sessions aren’t running at the moment. You’ll find plenty of information about us here on the site, but for the latest course updates and plenty of psych insights and musings, follow us on Twitter.

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RCPsych Meets: Dr Sarah Stringer.

In 2016, doctors, students and actors from the Extreme Psychiatry program spent 24 hours LISTENING outside St Thomas’ Hospital in London to raise money for the Dragon Cafe. Find out more about the Harkathon, an amazing new event, all for a good cause!

The Extreme Psych Team wishes to thank:

  • King’s Annual Fund for a kind donation in 2012 which covered our Actors’ and PFs’ travel costs in 2011-12, as well as provided video equipment for sessions.
  • The dozens of people who have given up countless hours of their time to help inspire the next generation of doctors.
  • Marize Engelbrecht for designing the Extreme Psychiatry Logo.
  • Vistaprint for providing the banners for our inaugural Harkathon in May 2016.
  • Dan Davies for designing our Harkathon logo.