Please read the 4 Rules of Extreme Psychiatry if you’re planning to attend the course.

1. Respect

We expect everyone to show respect during sessions. You know what we mean – we don’t have to spell it out to you, except to say that your attitude is expected to reflect the fact that you are training to be a doctor, not auditioning for a part in Shameless. Please show courtesy and treat others as you would wish to be treated. We’re certain we don’t need to tell you that it’s bad to talk over or patronise people, and that sexist, racist, homophobic (etc) comments or behaviour won’t be tolerated.

2. Attendance

Rule-breaking makes even the cheeriest Ex Psych team member grumpy…

Full attendance to all sessions is expected and part of the eligibility criteria. We have a “Two Strikes & You’re Out” rule at Extreme Psychiatry: miss more than one session and you’ll automatically give up your place on the course to a student on the waiting list. The reason for this rule is that we have limited places and want to teach students who really need and want our teaching – if you don’t show up, you probably don’t want to be there that much. Also, it’s easier for all of us to work in groups where we know the group members – and patchy attendance means that the groups never get to feel really familiar and safe for making mistakes. Please note that missing two sessions will also mean that we can’t give you a certificate of attendance, leaving your portfolio thin and bare. Please also note that arriving very late or leaving very early will also be counted as a missed session.

3. Punctuality

Related to attendance and respect is punctuality – please be on time for all sessions, since lateness is disruptive and distracting for lecturers, actors and other students.

4. Confidentiality

Finally, everything that happens in the groups is confidential.
You’re welcome to talk to anyone about your own experiences in Extreme Psychiatry. Please share your lecture notes and learning as much as you like; you can also talk about the Extreme team – that’s fine by us. What we don’t want is people gossiping about other students’ experiences in the groups – all their role-plays and feedback are to be regarded as their personal information, and are not to leave the group. It’s hard enough doing role-plays, without worrying your exploits will amuse or shock people in Guy’s Bar, Facebook or Twitter.