The Extreme Psychiatry team is made up of Actors, Peer Facilitators and Extreme Psychiatrists.

Extreme Psychiatry Actors combine skillful medical role-playing with patient advocacy.
Some are already professional role players for Royal College or university examinations; others are actors with an interest in psychiatry and teaching. All are provided with feedback throughout the course to hone their portrayal of psychiatric problems and to represent the patient’s point of view.
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Peer Facilitators are Year Four students who completed the Extreme Psychiatry course the previous year.
They are trained to coordinate group work and feedback, and are supported by the doctors to develop their own teaching and communication skills as the year progresses.
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The Extreme Psychiatrists lead the formal teaching (Visual Lectures) and support the Actors and Peer Facilitators in group work.
All are full time psychiatrists and share a passion for people and teaching. They try very hard to be decent bods. Although all are exceptionally good looking, this is not part of the entry criteria, and is actually thought to be a result of working for extended periods in Extreme Psychiatry.
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Working Together

We work closely together, combining our individual and group skills, to provide the best teaching that we can. All team members are excited about teaching and passionate about working with mental health problems.

Team members arrive at 5pm to prepare the room, formalise plans for the evening’s teaching and welcome enthusiastic students who arrive early.

Team members also take place in activities outside teaching, including taking part in research and other projects. There are also regular social events.

Over the past few years the team has raised significant amounts of money for mental health charities.
In 2012, members ran the Reading Half Marathon, raising over £5,000 for the Alzheimer’s Society. In 2013, a small group of intrepid Extreme Psych team members climbed Mount Snowdon whilst attached to each other in a three legged race, raising money for two local charities – take a look at their adventure in the amazing video below!

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