Student Resource Centre

Welcome to the Resource Centre where you can find background information on the topics covered in Extreme Psychiatry. The information contained here is designed to complement the teaching given at Extreme Psychiatry. It therefore aims not to duplicate the lectures but instead provides expanded notes.


Please be aware that the information contained in the Resource Centre is aimed at medical students. It provides only basic psychiatric information and is not a replacement for formal mental health training. No representations are made with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained within.

Important Note:

As the information is for professionals in training it is also not aimed at patients/service users or their families. For these groups we would instead recommend speaking to a mental health professional or looking at the health advice section of the Royal College of Psychiatrists website. There are also a number of excellent mental health charities, such as Mind and Rethink. Young Minds and its Very Important Kids project offer support and advice specifically for young people with mental health problems.