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Improving communication skills and confidence in psychiatry



Extreme Psychiatry Actors combine skilful medical role-playing with patient advocacy.

Some are already professional role players for Royal College or university examinations; others are actors with an interest in psychiatry and teaching. All are provided with feedback throughout the course to hone their portrayal of psychiatric problems and to represent the patient’s point of view.

If you’d like to join the team as an Extreme Psychiatry Actor, you can apply here.

Current Actors

David Allen


David Allen is an actor and storyteller, with experience in medical roleplay, during training courses for medical students and junior doctors. He has tons of experience as an improviser and storyteller, doing various one man shows and immersive theatre such as Jack the Ripper’s London and Follow the Rabbit.

David’s fascination for history and an eye for the absurd also spills over into his other career as a public speaker – one of the most popular talks is storytelling about Victorian Murders, which is always backed up by hours, days and weeks of tireless historical research, trawling through the archives and records dating back to the 1800’s.

David is really pleased to be part of the Extreme Psychiatry team.

Josie Bloom


I trained as an actor at ALRA in South London and since then have done a variety of stage, film and TV.

I am a very experienced roleplayer and improviser, and have done quite a lot of medical roleplay, during various training courses for medical students and junior doctors, playing patients and giving feedback. I also regularly play various ‘simulated patients’ during exams for Royal Colleges of GPs, Surgeons, Anaesthetists, Ophthalmologists, Dentists, National School of Healthcare Sciences, the list goes on! I also do corporate roleplay during communication skills training courses such as ‘breaking bad news’, difficult conversations’, ‘dealing with challenging customers’ etc for various other organisations, working with lawyers, psychologists, administration, salespeople, carers and other professionals.

Perhaps most useful for Extreme Psych, over the years I have worked with and known many people who are living with mental health issues; before I trained as an actor, when I worked with homeless people and ex-offenders, and since then during my capacity as an actor/trainer and mentor, working with people living with mental health issues and/or substance misuse.

I am delighted to be a member of the Extreme Psychiatry team; human behaviour and psychology has always fascinated me, in that everyone has a story to tell, and I am passionate about removing the stigma of mental health and seeing the person behind the diagnosis.

On a lighter note, I am an avid writer, am dotty about dogs and used to have a pink cat called Humphrey!

Laura Cox

Mrs Leverett in ‘Rookery Nook’

Started role playing for Extreme Psychiatry a couple of years ago after researching different role play companies whilst working at the Theatre by the Lake in Keswick for seven months… what else is one to do in the dressing room of an evening! I’ve been doing medical role play for some years now, with the occasional legal one thrown in for good measure, for RCGP, UEA, Addenbrooks, NNUH, Cambridge Deanery, UCH and more, as well as acting for over forty years – I CANNOT be that old! Numerous theatre work, TV, films, including ‘The Krays’, The Bill, Maigret, One Foot in the Grave etc etc, and a lot of Rep and Fringe theatre. Favourite roles have included Queen Christina, Fanny Hill, Hilary in ‘Masterpieces’ and Mum in ‘Seeing The Lights’ (most recently). Now divide my time between London and Norfolk where I live with three cats and an Irishman who is fab at cleaning up after me. Thank you so much!

Gracie Dunn

Gracie Dunn

My name is Gracie. I enjoy playing my cello, reading and running. I first caught the acting bug playing Pumba in The Lion King although I’m hoping my warthog costume days are over. I’m really excited to be joining the extreme psychiatry team and am looking forward to the year ahead.







Simon Gibbons

Yes, but can you make scrambled egg on TOAST

A crazy and larger than life character at times. Simon volunteers to help out the students at Kings College, through using role play to play characters as a patient. Simon trained as an actor at The Actor Works drama school in Wapping. He described it as the Big Brother house, but you could walk out at the end of every night! But in a good way!

He has done a lot of theatre and film work over the years playing some exciting roles. Simon also co-runs a theatre company called Silly Train theatre with 2 of his friends. Simon’s amazing food dish that he likes to wow people with, is he can make some amazing scrabbled egg. Interesting fact! Simon is a massive Arsenal fan, and is forever loyal to the red half and holly grail of North London. Wacky fact! Simon used to be able to juggle around water in his belly when he had drunk lots of water. Simply by wiggling his belly around the noise of water could be heard.

Rebecca Hurst

We’re ever closer to nabbing a former member of East 17

Rebecca is an actor, voice artist and role-player. From an early age she has loved to perform and because of this decided to spend 3 years studying Performing and Visual Arts at The University of Birmingham. Having not spent enough money already and thirsty to learn more, she decided to further her training at East 15 Acting School and graduated from the MA Acting course. From then she has performed professionally on stage, on screen and behind the microphone. More recently Rebecca has been seen performing the songs of Evita in her lounge to her ever-suffering partner David, whilst he tries to watch Spurs on the tele.

Rebecca is an Essex girl born and bred, but has never owned a pair of white stilettos nor watched one episode of TOWIE. She prefers to wear comfortable shoes and enjoys a gripping BBC drama to chill out with – preferably with a large glass of red in hand!

Rebecca is excited to be joining ‘Team Extreme’!

Becky Hutchins

Reads over your shoulder on the Tube

Becky started her acting career in interactive theatre, playing a range of roles including a Southern American grandmother at Bestival and an evil queen named Clichéa. Interactive theatre greatly improved her ability to act shamelessly and invade other people’s personal space. Useful skills when living in London!

After a couple of years of making others feel uncomfortable, she decided that she’d really like to work with like-minded people so began working children’s parties and in theatre for children.

She enjoyed it so much she started her own children’s theatre company, Cat & Hutch, which adapts children’s stories to the stage.

She’s very excited to be joining the Extreme Psychiatry team and can’t wait to get stuck in!

Pat Imamura


Although Pat works for Ex Psych as an actor, in real life she’s a teacher and a teacher trainer. Hence, we all bow to her, which plays havoc with our backs.

She is affectionately known as La Hegg.

She loves theatre, comedy, and animals. Due to these interests, she spends a lot of time teaching her cat (Eddie, named after Eddie Izzard) to recite soliloquies from Hamlet. The outcome is not so good, but we respect her, nonetheless. Pat speaks fluent Japanese, but dislikes sushi.

Alexis Leighton

Sunnier is a relative term…

Alexis trained at the RSAMD in Glasgow and worked extensively in Scotland as an actor and director with The Citizens Theatre, Scottish Opera, TAG, Tron Theatre, Traverse and Dundee Rep as well as STV and BBC Scotland.

In pursuit of sunnier climes, Alexis moved to London and the rest is history.

Alexis works as an actor, voice-over artist, role-player and simulated patient.

Always up for a challenge, Alexis has played a variety of curious characters in an extensive range of projects. Most fun? Playing Myrtle the Mermaid in Christmas Cat and The Pudding Pirates. Most challenging? Playing Miss Margarida in the one woman show Miss Margarida’s Way. Most bizarre? Having to take a pig for a walk on a lead for a stills campaign for Scottish health.

Alexis is thoroughly looking forward to joining the team at Extreme Psychiatry. Having observed a session on psychosis, the teamwork, expertise and learning environment just resonated and luckily an opportunity to participate has arisen.

Kim Morrison

Kim Morrison


Since escaping her native Glasgow (stabbing capital of the UK) and coming to the big smoke to pursue her dreams, Kim discovered she isn’t actually too sure what her dreams are.

Still, as an eternal optimist she is thoroughly enjoying exploring her options. Currently you can find Kim working as a desk monkey and teaching assistant for an education charity by day and moonlighting as a producer, actor and general organiser for production company A Winter Road. Kim has worked in fringe theatre in London and in Scotland and filmed her first short film, Dear Cherise, last year. At the moment she is thinking of moving to India, doing yoga and becoming a professional hippy. Kim is always looking for direction in life and will welcome suggestions on the back of a postcard.

Nick Mowbray

Nick: coyly fabulous

Nick has been a jobbing actor and voice-over artiste for more years than he cares to remember. Work is scarce at the moment, so he comes very reasonably priced.

Nick’s alcohol dependency and cognitive impairment role plays are a highlight of the course. He enjoys participating in Extreme Psych as some of the roles allow him to vent to his dark side…

… He’s the only guy we know who will grow a beard for a single role-play. That’s Extreme dedication.

Stuart Owen

Stuart Owen

Stuart: amateur paparazzo

Having studied literature and drama at university, Stuart embarked on a runaway career in the theatre. Despite working with quite a few younger versions of actors who went on to become big names, his own theatrical career eventually ran away and he moved into producing radio drama at the BBC.

Stuart’s subsequent adventures on the distant planets of television, film and publishing proved initially seductive, but ultimately fickle. That is, until a rather hard-core encounter brought Stuart in touch with the wonderful world of the NHS. A new beginning ensued, with an interest in closer integration of mental and physical health and involving the patient experience in medical training.

Andy Pandini


After having his mid-life crisis early, Andy started performing as a stand-up comedian, and then trained as an actor at Redroofs Theatre School. He has appeared on TV, Film, Stage and in Commercials. He’s been lucky enough to appear in TV shows such as Holby City, Birds of a Feather, and People Just Do Nothing, and acted in the USA for three years, where he made four movies. As a lover of improvisation and role-play, he was drawn to Extreme Psychiatry and was hooked after observing a couple of sessions.

Marian Pashley


Marian works as a role player for many different bodies, including the Royal College of Psychiatrists, and has a very keen interest in psychiatry and mental health. As a performer she is an actor, a comedian and occasional pub quiz host. She also writes for money. Her greatest achievement thus far? Writing and delivering a speech at her brother’s wedding, in French. To French people.


Barbara Phelps

Barbara Phelps

Barbara has been roleplaying for many years, in mainly medical scenarios, for OSCE’s and teaching sessions, for both students and professionals. As an actor/singer she has appeared on TV, commercials, film and theatre and played two wonderful seasons at Glyndebourne as an 18th Century ‘tart with attitude’ with amazing costumes, company and setting and music to die for!

Ever appreciative of the captive audience Barbara worked at RWM-West Middlesex hospital radio-for several years and currently performs shows in old peoples’ homes with an eclectic group of actor/singers.

She also has an interest in, and exhibits, conceptual art textiles and can often be found emotionally ripping and stitching vintage cotton clothing prior to tying it tightly round objects with wire…..


Anita Phung

Anita Phung


After a short hiatus from Extreme Psychiatry, she’s back with a vengeance!

Neets enjoys pretending to be someone else. Many of her friends say she has multiple personalities and quite frankly, we’re not even sure who Neets is… She plays the role of a medical student really well… may be because she might have been one in her past life…

Oftentimes you’ll find her wandering in the streets of London trying to find something new to do. The last time we checked, she was making candles, fabric envelopes and perfume… She also enjoys being locked in a room with her friends and trying to escape…

Bill Pitcher

Bill Pitcher

You’ve not made it as an actor until you’ve had a secret German rock career

In the later stages of his successful career in international management consultancy, Bill studied and obtained his Diploma in Drama at City Lit College in 2011. Since then he has appeared as a member of the City Lit Repertory Company in the sell out play Spirits Within, an adaptation of the Spanish classic play The House of Bernada Alba.

Bill had an extra part in the recently released film One Chance starring James Corden and Julie Walters. He has had roles in three other films yet to be released, including a full length drama by London based Turkish Director Erdogan Gilgil, Shadows of My Guilt (see YouTube for two minute trailer).

He has also appeared in two different runs of the sellout and award winning immersive theatre show You Me Bum Bum Train where his roles have included a boxing commentator, a funeral director, a snooker judge and the Chairman of the Board of ICI. He has also played roles in three corporate videos.

Bill was the lead singer in the oldies rock’n’roll band Cadillac 60 in Bremen, Germany in 2007.

Tebraiz Shahzad

Tebraiz Shahzad

Tebraiz Shahzad

Tebraiz trained in 2012-13 at Brian Timoney Actors Studio in the Courtyard Theatre . He has also trained at The Actors Gateway and currently does monthly workshops at The Spiritual Psychology of Acting.

He has worked in Immersive and Interactive Theatre including You Me Bum Bum Train as well as the lead role of Military Dictator Izzat Bangbang in Asia Elects. He is currently working on Dramatic Improvisation Theatre shows at The Pineapple Pub Theatre in Kentish Town as well as The Etcetera Theatre in Camden and other venues.

Tebraiz ‘s work also includes supporting roles in British and Bollywood feature films and recently for the critically acclaimed BBC One Drama Three Girls. He has also worked on TV commercials and short films, including voiceover work.

Tebraiz also worked on Professional Wrestling shows as a villain Character in a non-wrestling role as well as Master of Ceremonies. He is excited about working on Extreme Psychiatry and believes it will be a great learning experience.

Acting Legends

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Sam Adamson

Steel-Eyed Sam

Sam is currently working with the Fourth Monkey Theatre Company, and has been picking up skills in mental health acting with our team since 2009.

He’s particularly good at role-playing psychosis and substance misuse, and we’ve been really impressed with his ability to give insightful feedback to our students, which has made them rethink their bedside manners and attitudes to mental illness.

Sam was struck by lightning at the age of three and speaks fluent Zombie.


Mona Chu



Mona is clueless how she got into theater, but she is now doing her MA in Theater and Performance Studies at King’s College London. In addition to acting, writing and producing plays, she has been running art workshops with the elderly, autistic teenagers, kids, etc. If she’s not doing any of these, she is busy bugging people for something new to do. In short, she is an annoying, curious kid. Let’s give her that. Mona is very grateful that Extreme Psychiatry gives her an opportunity to further her ‘studies’ in Science, after being away from it for so many years.


Lucy Dunn

Lucy + Hedwig, apparently

Lucy is a professional owl-keeper, who has taken to acting following her contact with the cast of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. She rarely brings her owls to the sessions, unless they can be incorporated into her Ex Psych role-play.

Lucy enjoys singing with her close harmony group, playing the violin and attempting to teach herself French.

Lucy is due to start her own training as a medical student at Nottingham University this Autumn. We’re more than a little proud of her… Go Lucy!


Elfadil Elmahdi

Elf: radiant

Mild mannered medic by day, Kung Fu panda by night. Well, not quite… A former Peer Facilitator, Elf rejoins the team in 2012 thanks to a serendipitous twist of fate… On the final session of Summer 2011, an Extreme Actor’s train was stopped by lightning as he travelled to the EP classroom. As panic ensued, and other team members succumbed to hysterical fainting, a lone figure stepped forward and held out his hand for the role play…

It turns out that Elf can cry on demand, and convinced us all that he was actually depressed. He joined us as a simulated patient throughout his final year in medicine; we welcomed him back (but never trusted him again). Many years on, he’s now a radiologist, and mostly enjoys sitting in dark rooms and looking at pictures of bones.


Naomi Felton

Na na, na na na na, na na there’s no limit

Naomi (otherwise known in selected circles as Ninja Na, or simply Na) has been acting since the age of four, with her debut performance of ‘Lead Daffodil’ whetting her appetite for more.

After several more questionable school plays, drama exams and a couple of dodgy renditions of ‘Grease’ she decided that this was surely the career for her and embarked upon an ‘English Language & Drama and Theatre Arts’ degree at the University of Birmingham. This wasn’t enough however, and no sooner had she left Birmingham she was already applying for drama schools, desperate to relive the glory of those halcyon daffodil days.

She graduated from East 15 Acting School in 2011, having completed the three year BA Acting course and has since been working professionally across the UK.

Josh Fish


Josh Fish began work as a professional actor at The Young Actors Theatre Company, Cambridge. During his time there, he was a supporting artist in BBC Eastenders and also landed his first major TV role in Nickelodeon’s Genie In The House.

Josh went on to study a two year Musical Theatre course at the College of West Anglia and completed his two year course with Distinction.

After auditioning an unusual rendition of one of Shakespeare’s works at the Bristol Old Vic, Josh was described as ‘off the wall’. He has been a business entrepreneur for the last four years raising funds to move closer to London. Now being close enough, he wishes to pursue his acting career!


Jane Garioni

Jane sat through Yul Bryner and Virginia McKenna’s performance of “The King and I” at the London Palladium when she was a tiny lass and then dreamt of being an actress and marrying a sophisticated bald headed man! She trained at LAMDA after reading Law at University and continued acting whilst qualifying as a lawyer. Highlights include being directed by Stephen Spielberg in “Munich” and playing the back end of a cow in a London community centre. Nowadays, within film / TV, she tends to play the wife of Italian mafia gangsters. She is deeply committed to charities (especially relating to the Armed Forces and to Her Majesty’s prisons) and has recently applied to become a member of the FANY! (First Aid Nursing Yeomanry). She enjoys the variety of other role play including for the MOD and playing witnesses under cross examination for law training. She has a special interest in psychiatry because her father was a paediatric neuro psychiatrist and as with many actors, the line between “madness” and “normality” is often seemingly thin!

Becky Golding

She’s not seen the horseback hunting scenario, yet

Becky worked for many years in the civil service as a procurement manager and now works freelance. She loved acting and drama lessons at school and was really pleased to return to acting in 2000 with the Department of Health drama club (the Carlton Players).

Becky performed many different “women on the edge” roles with the Carltons including overbearing talk show host, desperate glamour model, nosey neighbour, bereaved mother and suffragette Emily Wilding Davison, for which she won the best civil service actress award.

After Becky started to work freelance in 2010 she has been able to focus more on building her acting skills and experience by attending courses at the Actors Centre and joining KDC drama group.

Becky is finding the Extreme Psych role playing relatively relaxing: “It’s a huge relief not to be shot or run over by a horse (…so far)”.

Hugh Grant-Peterkin

Hugh, looking earnest

Hugh has been acting since 1998 when he first went to the Edinburgh Festival (with Double Edge Drama Company), having realised that his desire to ‘tread the boards’ outweighed the risk of inevitable humiliation. Since then he has acted with Bristol University Drama Society, King’s Players and SEDOS. Highlights include playing Oedipus in Oedipus Rex at the Greenwood Theatre in 2004 and Guildenstern in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead at the Bridewell in 2009.

He is currently studying full time at the London International School of Performing Arts and is in rehearsals for a short film named Ortolan directed by Ian Giles.

As the photo attests his specialty is looking earnest in a moustache, he also has a pretty mean set of ‘jazz hands’ and can do a passable Bristolian accent.


Jenny Howe

Jenny, smiling knowingly

Jenny heroically acted her socks off most weeks between 2005 and 2011. As a professional role-player for the MRCPsych exams, she was our first actor to take on and develop the mentoring role within the Extreme team, working with our newbie actors to help them get up to speed.

In her spare time, Jenny is a shameless fan of medieval reenactment afternoons, and can often be seen, burning at the stake in the fields of Surrey. Can supply own broomstick, should similar, paid roles become available.

Tom Hunt

Stable, eh? They’re not called engineering “firms” for nothing

Throughout his school life, Tom’s favourite subject was physics. It was a logical development therefore to go on to read English Literature at university. Upon graduation, he (naturally) joined an engineering firm; sadly, this proved a little too stable, so he decided instead to train for three more years as an actor at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. Ten years later and this career choice seems to have stuck, and Tom now lives and works in London as an actor and voiceover artist. He was delighted to join ExPsych in 2014, and has immensely enjoyed listening to clever people talk about clever things, many of which he thankfully doesn’t need to remember.


Nell Jerram

Nell Jerram


Nell trained at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts and worked as a professional actor, mostly touring regional theatres in the UK, for many years. She was introduced to Extreme Psychiatry after touring with Richard in a stage version of Allo, Allo! and has since developed a passion for using drama techniques in a learning environment.

Nell’s interests in behavioural psychology and mental health issues have helped build the characters she portrays in the roleplays as well as inform her feedback conversations with the students. By day, Nell now works for Steps, a drama based learning and development consultancy based in London Bridge.

Michael Joyce

Michael: he does this face before he bites you

Despite being a world famous pilot, motorcycle racer and all-round IT guru, Michael decided he needed a challenge. Apparently, sitting in front of people who are trying to work out what’s wrong with him fits the bill. His current mantra is “more energy, more energy.”

When not saving the world from IT-related disasters, Michael marvels at the comedic brilliance of his two daughters and the natural instinct of his son to pick up a football and run with it … must be a Kiwi thing. Having looked after them for a whole three days, he has massive respect for his lovely wife. This is as it should be, and we can only hope that she now cashes in on his sudden goodwill and repentance of sin, and takes time off to go out with the girls…


Florence Kuhfeld

Florence: taking a moment out from smiling extensively

Florence trained at the world-renowned LAMDA. Most recently she performed in A Clockwork Orange with the Lost Theatre and Perdita in a rehearsed reading of A Winter’s Tale, Rose Theatre, Kingston, as well as appearing in John Landis’ film Burke and Hare. Other credits include: Katerina/Juliet in the Shakespeare Shuffle, West London Players; Chorus Leader in The Insiders corporate film for Krik Krak productions; Ursula Andres/Esther Williams, in Element Soup, Questors Theatre, Ealing; Diana Woods in Tricks of the Trade and Augustine in Huit Femme, Lion and Unicorn Theatre, Act Provocateur Int.; Adriana in The Comedy of Errors at The Pendley Shakespeare Festival, Hertfordshire.

Florence also gained a BA Hons Classics degree from King’s College London, where she not only allowed her love of classical literature to bloom but also performed in three Greek plays in the original Ancient Greek language (an experience she is eager to repeat!)! It was at King’s College that she met the lovely Extreme Psychiatrist, Dr Hugh in a raucous production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and is greatly indebted to him for introducing her to Extreme Psychiatry.


Nika Novozilova

Nika: looking intense

Nika was born in Latvia to a Russian Hippie and a Ukrainian rock star. Having an adventure-filled childhood and a name that makes most people think “Just do it!”, she had no second thoughts when moving to Denmark to study design and afterwards London to pursue theatre.

Trained in ballet and ballroom, Nika had the good fortune to participate in mostly physical plays, which immensely improved her abilities to look very intense and break into random dance. She likes all things visual and is interested in human behaviour, hoping that the acting background will help her with a future in illustration and animation.

She was very excited to be a part of the Extreme Psychiatry team and is prepared to test and improve her abilities in medical role-play. Though she’s left us, she occasionally pops back for a touch of puerperal psychosis or PTSD.


Julia Ogunmuyiwa

Julia Ogunmuyiwa (aka Dr Jules – tried to be known as the ‘the Fonze’ but sadly this nick name didn’t quite take) is a King’s College alumna and psychiatrist in the making. Julia enjoys cooking, music, dancing and laughing out loud (but feels very strongly about using the term ‘lol’ appropriately). Julia spends her days working as a psychiatrist, volunteering at MIND as a health promoter and ducking the low flying pigeons of South London.


Naomi Paxton


Naomi trained at Goldsmith’s College and the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. She acted for Extreme Psychiatry between 2009 and 2013.

Performance credits include Shadowlands at the Wyndhams and Novello Theatres, the UK tour of The Vagina Monologues, Amy in Dr Who – Cryptobiosis for BBC Radio and Knickerbocker Glories at the Union Theatre in Southwark. She is currently performing as ‘Stick Lady Love’ on the UK and International tour of Scamp Theatre’s Stick Man. Her teaching experience includes being the Actor in Residence at Christ’s Hospital School which led to five years’ creating and teaching drama and puppetry for special needs teenagers in Romanian orphanages for With Feeling, Nightingales Trust, Fundatia New Life and Christ’s Hospital; and as a harp teacher for Elmhurst Ballet School. Naomi has also been a reader for Interact Reading Service at St Thomas’ Hospital since 2005. She gained her PhD at the University of Manchester researching the Actresses’ Franchise League and their work.

Natalie Pereech

Natalie can attest to surviving the Bermuda Triangle (does it even exist?) as she joins us from the luscious shores of the island itself (though she is quick to point out that a triangle has three points and Miami and Puerto Rico should hold two thirds of the responsibility!). She trained at the William Davis Centre for Actors Study at VanArts in Vancouver, British Columbia, and has missed biting into a good character role, and is rather chuffed (she likes this Brit word!) to do so with Ex Psych, while helping students become the best doctors they can.

Natalie’s most memorable moment of living in the UK so far (besides hanging wet laundry outside in January and having it freeze on her!) would be drumming in the Industrial Revolution of the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremonies to 80,000 people and donning one of the infamous blue bowler lightbulb hats for the Closing Ceremonies.


Mischa Resnick

Mischa: undamaged, despite years of therapy

Mischa is an Australian actor who relocated to London after several years of trying to coax people off the beaches of sunny Perth and into the theatres with more or less no results. Since his relocation to this more-theatre (and-less-beach) friendly city, he has been working with Flying Dutchman Theatre Company and collaborating with other performers around London.

He has a degree with Honours in Performance Studies and has been studying and working as an actor since he began at John Curtin College of the Arts in 2000. He worked as a Role Player for the Western Australian Police Force and Department of Corrective services as well as various other private and government run institutions between April 2009 and March 2010. His formative years were spent in a household with two Psychotherapist parents and as a result he is interested in the way mental illness is represented in the performing arts and how it can be used to address mental health issues.

Outside of Extreme Psychiatry, Mischa works as events crew for the Battersea Arts Centre and poses for Life Drawing Classes


Richard Tate

Richard: often mistaken for a Consultant

Richard has spent 15 years working with students and doctors in most of the teaching hospitals throughout Britain, as a professional medical role-player. He has been the subject of a BBC radio documentary about simulated patient work. He has just finished a three year tour playing Lance Corporal Jones in Dad’s Army, Le Clerc in ‘Allo ‘Allo and Blanco in Porridge. Richard can currently be seen in Sam Taylor-Wood’s film of John Lennon, The Nowhere Boy.

He was born and educated in Liverpool where he first studied art and design at the College of Art with fellow student and friend John Lennon. After a career in publishing, advertising and higher education, Richard joined Victoria Theatre, Stoke as a professional actor in 1975.

Recent TV credits include: Grandad Gadney in Lilies; Mr.Wesson in Eastenders; Reg Smith in Doctors; Doug Palmer in Mersey Beat; David Jones in Holby City; and Mr. Small in Stephen Poliakoff’s Perfect Strangers.

Theatre work includes: Henry Hobson in Hobson’s Choice; Maurice in Disney’s Beauty & The Beast; Dr. Manette in A Tale of Two Cities; Archie Prest in Miss Roach’s War.

Richard has recorded over 500 radio plays for the BBC, the latest being Charles Dickens in Penny Gaffes & Angel Places, and Zhigalov in The Wedding by Anton Chekov. To the delight of his grandchildren, Richard has created voices for many cartoon characters including Dreamstone, Paddington Bear, The Adventures of Mole, The Snow Queen, Santa’s Last Christmas, Astro Farm, Bimbles Bucket, and most recently Pong Wiffy with French and Saunders.

He directed Sir Courtly Nice at the Young Vic and Swan Theatre, Stratford; Condos at the Edinburgh Festival; and was Resident Director of Sunset Boulevard at the Adelphi Theatre, London.

Margaret Towner

Margaret Towner

Margaret was a professional patient simulator, though you may recognise her as Jira from Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (she’s the only member of our team to feature in the Wookieepedia for which she earns extra Ex Psych kudos points). Other appearances included Little Britain, Doctors, My Hero, and Keeping Up Appearances.

Margaret was skilled in all aspects of mental health acting, though our favourite of her roles was psychosis. We also liked it when she stretched students in the Pot Luck sessions.

Margaret has sadly passed away, but she remains always a beloved member of the Extreme Psych family and is dearly missed.


Tom Weller

Tom: cheeky to a fault

“One of the greatest pleasures in life is to find a group of kindred spirits. This is what I have in the Extreme Psychiatry team. I am proud to be a part of a team that promotes a better understanding of Mental Health and strives to provide cutting edge education in communication to budding Psychiatrists and Medical Practitioners.”

Tom is a non-medical doctor and a school teacher. He has an interest in mental health and is a Nomad Scientist. We love him, even if his head does float about rather eerily.