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Peer Facilitators


So, you’ve finished your Extreme Psychiatry course, and you’re heading for fourth year. Tuesday evenings feel strangely sad and bereft of the General Goodness they once knew…

But luckily there is a solution: come back to Extreme Psych to join the team as a Peer Facilitator (PF)!

Term dates for this year’s PFs are:

  • PF interviews: 3rd October
  • Doctor interviews and Actor auditions: 10th October
  • Team training: 17th October
  • Autumn 2017: 24th October-12th December inclusive
  • Spring 2018: 16th January –6th March inclusive
  • Summer 2018: 3rd April – 22nd May inclusive

The deadline for applying for 2017-18 PFs has passed! Don’t worry – you can still apply to be a PF for 2018-19. If interested, read on…

To become a Peer Facilitator, you must have been through the Extreme Psychiatry course yourself, to know what it’s like to do the role plays and receive the feedback.

As a PF, you’ll be mentored by the doctors on the team and given weekly feedback after sessions to improve your own communication and facilitation skills. Being a member of the team can also include lots of other opportunities. For example, if you’d like to extend your role to include teaching or writing role plays you’d be welcome to do so and the doctors can assess you on these to build evidence for your teaching portfolio.


IMG_3615How do I Sign Up?

If you’d like to join the team please follow the link and complete the form:

Click here to become a Peer Facilitator!