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This page is really only of interest to you if you are:

a) A member of the current Ex Psych team, or

b) A stalker of a member of the current Ex Psych team.

Whoever you are, you’re welcome here – we don’t judge.

February 2012: Signing up for the Reading half marathon
Well, there must be something pretty special about the Alzheimer’s Society, since the Extreme Psych team decided to run a half marathon for them and raised over £5000. Rather lovely. Thanks to all who sponsored us and all on the team who ran / limped. Photos will appear here when we have a moment…

January 2012: Spring term preparation…
Mischa prepares for Affective Week, with Strings’ favourite headphones.

Rehearsals, at The Balcony Lounge, Lewisham

December 2011: Final night of term, Christmas party…
After tearful goodbyes to our Autumn term students, Team EP headed out for dinner with the PFs of yesteryear (2010, to be precise). Much goodness, especially social sec’ing (thanks Liv); the African, hand-carved ExPsych stamp (thanks Roxanne); and the free drinks (thanks Marcu The Waiter and Marta his Boss). Lovely night! Thanks, all!

EP audition for Twilight / Autumn Watch with their best reflective retinae….

Michael & Sabrina (return of the golden couple)

Margaret & Muj


Mo & Liv (the *new* golden couple)

Sophie, Brin & Marcu The Waiter (stamped)

The last stragglers make their way home, as a threatening mob

November 2011:
New team members embrace the challenges of teaching KCL and UCL students, as well as developing top-notch, top-lip facial fur in recognition of Movember. 

Liv & The Mo’

Meriki & Neets

Katie, looking tashtastic

Hugh Tash-Peterkin

No-one wears a ‘tash like David wears a ‘tash

Captain Burnside

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