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Have We Got Old News For You…

2 October 2013: The team has welcomed new actors, PFs and doctors amongst its ranks. Having been trained to within an inch of their lives, the new team members are raring to start teaching when term begins on 22 October 2013.
22 August 2013: While student applications for the coming term roll in, Extreme Psychiatry is now recruiting the doctors, peer facilitators and actors needed to make 2013-14 another great year.
14 March 2013: With just one week left in the Spring 2013 term, the team is busy preparing a mammoth role play session. Students get ready!
11 January 2013: Dates of the Spring 2013 term have been updated. The term will now begin on 29th January 2013 and run through until 19th March 2013. Applications should be submitted by Thursday 24th January 2013.
3 January 2013: With 2013 just starting, the Extreme Psychiatry team is gearing up for an exciting new term. Students who wish to join the course in the Spring 2013 term should make sure they get their applications in by the deadline of 18 January 2012 [UPDATE: now 24 January 2012].
28 November 2012: The first term of 2012-13 is well underway and more information has been added to the new Student Resource Centre. This aims to give some additional information we might not have had time to cram into sessions!
19 October 2012: With just four days left to go till the start of the Autumn 2012 term, our team of Extreme Psych-ers are busy making their final preparations…
3 October 2012: Following interviews of some 53 prospective PFs, actors and doctors we now have the new members of the Extreme Psychiatry team for Autumn 2012… Photos and biographies will arrive very soon!
27 September 2012: A record 339 people logged into extremepsychiatry.com in the space of 24 hours on Monday. Smashing the previous record of 221 set all the way back in 2010, that’s one every four minutes…
26 September 2012: Interviews for new Extreme Psychiatrists and Actors took place yesterday and the new team members will be revealed shortly… Meanwhile interviews for new Peer Facilitators will take place next week.
17 September 2012: Applications for Extreme Psychiatrists and Actors are now closed. Interviews will take place next week…
9 September 2012: There’s just one week left to apply if you want to join the team as an Actor or Extreme Psychiatrist for 2012-13. Prospective PFs have until 25th September to get their applications in.
7 September 2012: Today http://www.extremepsychiatry.com celebrated it’s 20,000th visitor since the website was started just over two years ago. Wow!


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