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Alternate Student Application Form

Below is an alternate version of the application form for those who have had trouble using the regular form. Please note that there is reduced functionality with this form and in particular you will NOT receive acknowledgement of having submitted the form. You will instead be contacted once the application window has been closed and all submissions have been processed.

Please read the rules section before applying… If you can agree to abide by them, simply fill in the form below. You need to know which term your NOP rotation will be, though if you don’t yet know your firm head / site, that’s OK – just put “Don’t know” in those fields.

Students now have the opportunity to have their role plays videotaped so that they can review their performance in the privacy of their own homes. The videos are uploaded to a private YouTube account and can only be accessed by the individual student. Students have found this an invaluable tool in improving their performance and the majority now make use of this. Please read the video consent form to sign up for video feedback.


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